In order to create a legendary brand for the LARP community, Dracolite, a company of medieval-inspired creations delivering to a clientele all around the globe, partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons. Thus was born Mythic Workshop, a series of collections of weapons, armor and accessories that will redefine the affordable high-end.

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Our Product

From the drawing board to the paint station, our Mythic products have gone through many stages before arriving on the shelves.

Weapon Development

Mythic Workshop - Weapon Development

The creation of a weapon begins well before casting or even modeling. Before even doing the first sketch of our weapon, we must first find the project guidelines. We want a dagger that suits a setting inspired by the Dark Elves, but what does an object of an imaginary culture look like? During the Conception, we discuss, seek inspiration and establish the rules that will be followed during all stages of creation: proportions, shapes, colors etc.

Once the rules are established, we can start looking for interesting shapes and silhouettes. The weapon, being an important part of a GN character, must be recognized at a glance. It must respect the atmosphere of the collection but be generic enough to reach a wider variety of players. Through dozens of sketches, the fundamental design is found. We can then rework it digitally to arrive at a proportional model.

After having adjusted the model according to the constraints due to the production, we transpose the design in 2D views to scale. This step allows better communication with Calimacil to eliminate as much errors as possible before 3D modeling. Once the technical plan is approved, the project is sent to our modeller. Before producing a final 3D model, several steps are required, each adding details and requesting approval. Each of these approvals saves us a lot of backtracking.