“High Kings”, “Those who have climbed”, “The Gods who walk” … from one dialect to another, Arantar can have different interpretations and meaning. The etymology of their name was forgotten a long time ago but many think they chose this title themselves. Whether by arrogance or simply to express their lust for the sky, this term, describing their pride, is no less appropriate.

In a desire to get closer to their deities’ home, the Arantars left the comfort of the Emerald Forests and climbed the cliffs of the White Peaks. There, they raised the most beautiful cities that the mortal world could imagine, dotted with pretentiously high arcanic towers and observatories dominating the celestial vault. The ramparts of the mother city are now protected by the Sentinels, immutable figures bearing the dignified colors of their district; and the thirst for knowledge of its inhabitants is matched only by their talent in the forge, where each of their creations can claim the title of jewels.

The climb to the Arantar’s peaks is perhaps perilous, but it’s a safe bet that you will not want to come back down anytime soon.

Mythic Workshop - Arantar - High Elf


Even though our Arantar weapons were primarily made for elven characters, they can do very well for a character of divine nature or for a high fantasy civilization.