Northern Conquerors and legendary hunters, the Children of Sigur are the undisputed masters of frost and steel. Recognized for their enthusiasm and devotion in combat, some will say that they are naturally hot-blooded to compensate for the polar wind of their motherland.

Growing in the legends of their ancestors and stories of the great wars of the past, the Children of Sigur live for glory and personal success. Each young hunter dreams of performing his Great Hunt, the one that will mark his passage to adulthood and prove his worth to Sigur, Goddess of Honor and Blizzard. It is said that, when his time has come, a warrior who has lived an honorable life will be able to participate in the Last Hunt, an eternal hunt alongside Sigur and her icy deers.

Despite this frenzied search for fighting, the Children of Sigur are good people and good tavern’s companions. It is however advisable to avoid meeting them on the wrong side of the battlefield.

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