Traitors, demons, damned … the Ungolls were nicknamed by many nasty qualifiers since their separation from their former elven brethren. However, despite their appearance, they have no infernal ancestry and, like their forest cousins, hold in great esteem the nature that surrounds their domain.

Living in dark and hostile cave systems, filled with chitinous creatures larger than themselves, the Ungolls survive by drawing on the resources that surrounded them. Their armor, made from the carapaces of these arachnids of nightmares, are as strong as the breastplates forged in the flames of the dwarves and as flexible as the leather of the North’s Conquerors. Their weapons, mimicking the fangs and hooks of cave predators, are as sharp as the blades of the realm of men.

Even if the Ungolls are not as evil as their reputation would suggest, it’s still safe to avoid provoking them.

Mythic Workshop - Ungoll - Dark Elf


Although the weapons of the Ungoll collection were developed primarily to accompany Dark Elves and Drow in their adventures, they can equally assist agents of chaos in their occult acts or an infernal being in his quest for revenge.