A sorcerer, drawing on his innate resources, was preparing a fireball to prevent a dark wizard from tracing the last rune necessary for his invocation of demonic disasters. Meanwhile, in his ivory tower, an Arantar seeker had just discovered the thread of destiny, exploiting the knowledge of an ancient grimoire revealing the secrets of divination magic.

Always searching for new mysteries to unravel, works of divine beings to use or knowledge both wonderful and terrible to examine, these explorers of the Arcane are constantly trying to overcome their own state of mere mortal. While some are born with their powers and discover them during their adventure, others spend their lives studying the tapestry of the universe, trying to find obscure knowledge.

In both cases, Arcanic users can summon power and are able to crush their enemies, support their allies, and shape the world to their every wish.

Mythic Workshop - Arcane