A human in a glittering armor, shield in hand, held the line of defense as a goblin army gathered in front of her. Behind her, a gruffy dwarf, covered to the bottom with a coat of mail, was about to take down a big warhammer on the enemy mass. Farther on, on the other side of the conflict, an orc, bristling with sharp weapons, rushed headlong into the fray.

Some take up arms for glory, wealth or revenge. Others fight to prove themselves, to protect others or because they know nothing else. Masters of the battlefield, Fighters train tirelessly with a variety of weapons or a single weapon of choice, perfecting their combat skills and studying battlefield tactics.

Soldiers, knights, hunters and barbarians, the Fighters are unparalleled champions, and woe to those who dare to oppose them.

Mythic Workshop - Fighter - Warrior & Barbarian