In order to create a new legendary line for LARP, Dracolite, a company of medieval inspired creations shipping to a clientele all around the globe, has partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons. Mythic Workshop is a series of weapons, armor and accessories’ collections that will redefine the affordable high-end.

Our blacksmith mark is composed of two runes from the old Futhark. D (Dagaz) for Dracolite and K (Kenaz) for Calimacil.

First Collections

Inspired for the mysterious and the attention to detail, Mythic WorkShop became the image represented by this alliance. After months of design, refinement and hard work, we are proud to present our first two collections:


The Ungolls are our take on the Dark Elf race present in many fantastic literature works. Strongly inspired by the insect imagery used for the Forgotten Realms’ Drow and the Elder Scrolls’ Dunmer, we imagined the result of an Elven race living in a cave system for many centuries. For us, elves are the masters in imitating the nature that surrounds them. As forest elves build their homes from trees and wear armor imitating bark and ivy, our dark elves have developed the art of using underground resources; insect shell, phosphorescent crystals, and so on.


In opposition to our Ungolls, the Arantars are a people of elves who have sought ascension to higher realms. When they were created, we took inspiration from Elder Scrolls’ Altmers and J. R. R. Tolkien’s Sindar (Gray Elves). By creating the weapons of the Arantars, we imagined what would be the stylistic evolution of a blacksmith who would live several hundred years. As humanity has undergone great change in its artistic styles over the centuries, we wanted to suggest that only one individual among the Arantars could have undergone the same whole development. In our opinion, Art Nouveau was the best way to get there, so elven blacksmiths could represent nature in its simplest form.

A Beginning

We are finally happy to present to you the result of all these hours spent developing quality products that will please you. Our work is not finished, however, as we will not stop at these two collections. Stay tuned! We will use this page to keep you informed of upcoming developments.